• Hand Made

    Each candle is hand poured by Kennedy Smith founders in their Melbourne based studio.

  • Soy Wax

    They use premium soy wax blended with fragrant & essential oils for the ultimate fragrance throw and pure.

  • Fragrance

    Each fragrance is chosen carefully and tested for a consistent and strong fragrance throw. 

  • Single Wick

    They use cotton wicks for a toxin free, clean and consistent burn


Love From Our Customers

  •  Australian Botanicals

    It’s tone of smell is relaxing but still refreshing, it’s soothing and fills the room. It makes it seem you’re surrounded by a fresh garden. MUST HAVE!

  • Leather + Tobacco

    This fragrance surprised me that I loved it so much!
    It is not overpowering, yet subtle with a lingering earthy smell which is so nice.
    Quality product of which I have purchased a few.

  • Neroli + Fig

    You can really smell the neroli! This smell reminds me of hozier, unsure if that’ll resonate with most people but this is what I burn when I want to relax and listen to some folk music

Australian Botanicals

Australian Botanicals is a rich essential oil blend of Australian eucalyptus, native blue gum, lemon myrtle and fresh garden mint. A close cousin to our Australian Natives products, but with a little more citrus for a much cleaner type finish.

( 澳洲尤加利 + 澳洲藍膠尤加利 + 澳洲昆士蘭檸檬香桃木 + 新鮮花園薄荷 )

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Surround yourself with a fresh garden!

Christmas Soy candle - Spiced Pear 

It is fresh with the top notes of champagne & pear, but still smells like Christmas with the deep base notes of cinnamon and spice we associate with that festive time of the year.

(香檳 + 梨前調 + 肉桂和香料的深基調)

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